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Autor Thema: PTR General Vezax down - 10er (hardmode)  (Gelesen 4909 mal)


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PTR General Vezax down - 10er (hardmode)
« am: März 25, 2009, 23:23:29 »

Nach 4 guten Trys lag der General im Dreck, ohne eine Saronitwolke genutzt zu haben.
Ja Feral macht halt doch krassen Dmg ne Toni :)

Aura of Despair (Prevents mana regeneration from nearly all natural sources.  Aspect of the Viper, Judgements of the Wise, Shamanistic Rage, and Spiritual Attunement remain at least partially effective. Also reduces melee attack speed by 20%.) is active throughout the whole fight, the only "normal" way to regain mana is to use potions. You can also destroy the saronite crystals flying in the room, they will drop a green cloud on the ground and will restore your mana, they will also damage you for an equal amount of health points (1000 Mana regen = 1000 Damage), this buff stacks and will regen more and more mana (and deal more damage as well) over time. The hard mode version of the encounter require you to not use these clouds

Schade das es wieder nicht mit der 25er Version geklappt hat.
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